iiaa announces rebrand and name change

The iiaa, formerly the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, has unveiled its new brand name.
Relaunching in mid-October as the International Institute for ‘Active' Ageing, the iiaa will focus on proactively changing the narrative around ageing, encouraging individuals to face and embrace the ageing process.

David Alpert and Tracy Tamaris, who founded the company over 30 years ago, are the driving forces behind the rebrand. In conjunction with this, the husband and wife team has introduced new brand messaging, stating that the iiaa will "lead the way in inclusive, planet-positive, sustainable skin health through the integration of science, innovation, and knowledge."

Tracy Tamaris explains: “They used to say when you were 52 you became absolutely invisible, and that has completely been turned on its head. We have such wonderful, powerful women who are the most incredible role models; older women who are living their lives; who are vital; who are young in their attitudes.”

David Alpert adds, “You have to be active as you age to retain health. When it comes to active ageing, you have to consider your biological and your chronological age and what you ideally want to do is get your biological age as low as possible. To do that you have to intervene – you have to be active – and that's what I believe the new name for the institute really sums up.”

The iiaa has also recently moved its headquarters to Riverside House in London Bridge, which is now the professional home to 150 employees working across the business and its two skin health brands, Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme.