Winged eyeliner most searched for YouTube beauty tutorial

Winged eyeliner tutorials are the beauty videos we are all searching for the most, with over 52K searches for this tutorial on YouTube every year.

New research from the beauty experts at RY has revealed the most popular beauty trends on the social media site in 2021.

Taking the crown with 52,800 annual YouTube searches is winged eyeliner tutorials, followed by box braid tutorials in second place (44,400 searches), and Bratz Doll make-up tutorials taking third place (32,400 searches)

The top ten also include tutorials for the messy bun, 80s make-up, mascara, smokey eyes, cut crease, rainbow eyeshadow, and bangs tutorials.

The research also looks into the most popular beautytubers, with James Charles revealed to be the most popular with 28,500,000 subscribers to his channel.

Social media stars Yuya (24,600,000 million) and Jeffreestar (16,500,000 million) rounded off the top three.

You can view the full research here.

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