Vegan make-up sales report double-digit growth

Prestige vegan make-up sales in the UK increased 28% in 2021, according to The NPD Group.

Prestige vegan make-up sales were valued at £58 million last year and accounted for 12% of all make-up sales in the prestige beauty market. In 2021,17% of all prestige eyeshadow sales were vegan and 16% of lip colour sales were from vegan brands.

Sales of vegan foundations increased 29% in 2021, compared to 2020, and account for 16% of all prestige make-up foundation sales. Foundation is the most popular vegan product accounting for 31% of vegan make-up sales.

Commenting on the findings, Emma Fishwick, Account Manager, NPD UK Beauty, explains: “Consumers are increasingly choosing to follow a vegan lifestyle, from food, drinks and supplements to clothing, shoes, and cleaning products. It's only natural that these consumers would want to opt for vegan beauty products.

"The prestige make-up market has been challenged over the past few years, but the growth in vegan make-up sales is an interesting development, and will shape the course of the market in years to come.”