UK educator wins third place in international CND contest

Back in April, CND launched its worldwide educator contest to inspire its education team and keep everyone's “nail spirits” up in a time of international uncertainty.

Education ambassadors from around the world were invited to enter the competition, with the theme being ‘Springtime.'

Firstly, the CND experts were challenged to create a nail art look utilising the shades from the brand's recent English Garden Spring Collection and submit an image of their design. They were then asked to create a tutorial video of their look to inspire other nail artists around the world.

Out of the entries received, UK CND education ambassador, Kirsty Algouneh, was awarded third place.

“I was delighted to receive the news that two of my designs were in the initial top 10,” comments Kirsty. “For the next stage, we had to create step-by-step videos, and this was all new to me. I hadn't really created videos before, although I do demo under camera for some classes. I was happy with my videos, but seriously didn't expect to get a place. When I heard the news, I was surprised and more than pleased to learn that I had been awarded third place!”

Kirsty's tutorial video is available to watch now on Instagram at @cndworld or continue reading for a simple step-by-step on how to recreate her award-winning design...

Step One

Apply CND Shellac Base Coat and cure.

Step Two

Apply 2 layers of CND Shellac Lady Lilly and cure each layer.

Step Three

Decant all other English Garden shades (Magical Topiary, Carnation Bliss, Kiss from a Rose, Flowerbed Folly and Soft Peony) onto a palette.

Step Four

Using a detailing brush and a dotting tool, create the lines and dots and cure.

Step Five

Finish with the CND Shellac Top Coat.

The CND English Garden Spring Collection is available from Sweet Squared. Contact 0333 000 7000 for more details or visit