Treatment menu sweet spot revealed

A new study has found that when designing a spa or salon treatment menu, between 8 and 15 options are optimal for effective decision-making.

The research was conducted by Tribe17, an artisan, natural spa brand, and supported by a study in the journal, Natural Human Behavior. 

Claire Caddick, founder of Tribe517, comments: “Spa and salon treatment menus have been getting smaller but it's important that we still give clients choice. According to human behaviour experts, giving someone sufficient choice results in them feeling more confident and satisfied. People only become indecisive when there are too few or too many choices.”

According to the insights, regularly updating the treatment menu to keep it fresh is also important for returning clients, as new experiences have been shown by psychologists to benefit our wellbeing and happiness. 

Quirky and on-trend treatment names that stand out as being different and offer an element of surprise tend to sell best, while those that incorporate mindful elements or work on the client's cognitive wellbeing are on the rise.

Tribe517 also revealed that taking the therapist's wellbeing into account when bringing on a new treatment has become essential for both the satisfaction of the client and for retaining staff.