TikTok beauty trend Dolphin Skin influencing product sales

Sales of prestige beauty products associated with the TikTok trend Dolphin Skin report double-digit growth, according to new data released by The NPD Group
A popular skincare trend on TikTok, the #dolphinskin has been viewed 2.8M on the social media channel. Similar to the Glass Skin look, the idea behind Dolphin Skin is to make the skin appear super radiant and smooth with a luminous complexion. While it is a natural look, it does involve several different products. 

Skin preparation 

Great skincare is the cornerstone of this trend, and sales of prestige skincare face creams increased by 15% from January to the end of October 2022, compared to the same period in 2021.

Furthermore, sales of face serums with hydrating properties grew by 13%, and sales of skincare face spray/mist increased by 37% in the same period, indicating that consumers are investing in products that hydrate the skin making it naturally more radiant and smoother. 

Make-up matters

Sales of prestige radiant foundations, defined as products that provide radiance and luminosity and erase dullness, increased by 42% in this timeframe. Sales of makeup setting sprays and powders have also risen by 53%. 

Finishing touch make-up products are essential to Dolphin Skin. As a result, sales of prestige make-up highlighters increased 24% from January to the end of October 2022 compared to the same period last year. Additionally, blusher and liquid blusher sales increased by 37% and 81%, respectively.
Commenting on the findings, Emma Fishwick, Account Manager, NPD UK Beauty, explains: “The importance of social media to the prestige beauty market cannot be underestimated. As we monitor the market, we can see the growing influence of TikTok beauty trends and how these can influence the way consumers purchase products. From Skin Cycling to Slugging and Moisture Sandwiching to Dolphin Skin, consumers are following these fast-moving trends with great enthusiasm and that is having a positive impact on sales of prestige beauty products.”