ThermaVein is a clinically proven method which can be used by trained professionals to safely treat thread veins and other skin blemishes, such as milia, skin tags and cherry angiomas.

The technology, previously only available to the medical sector for the removal of red veins, was launched into the aesthetics industry by ThermaVein in 2012. Since then, its popularity has developed, with the company reporting particular growth over the last four months.

The treatment obtains its results via a thermocoagulation process, as the brand's experts explain: “An insulated probe with a 4mHZ current is applied to the skin causing the vein to empty. ThermaVein then seals the vein by gently heating the proteins in the vein wall. The body then naturally reabsorbs the vein making this an instant and effective treatment.”

During the coronavirus shutdown, the team at ThermaVein has discovered new ways of connecting with its customers, whilst also showcasing the product to a wider audience.

As a direct result, the brand has partnered with YODO Creative to develop a virtual studio where they are currently offering individual live demonstrations and question and answer sessions, as well as providing an environment where valued clients can reach out for support.

For more information or to book a live demo, contact ThermaVein on 0161 826 3404 or email 

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