ThermaVein teams up with TAKKAIR

To help clinics return safely to treatments, the team at ThermaVein has partnered up with TAKKAIR.

This air purifying system not only filters the air and helps remove odours, but it also destroys organic impurities such as bacteria and viruses.

“TAKKAIR works differently to other types of air filters,” say the brand. “Air is fed through a particulate filter to a photocatalytic reactor activated by UV-C radiation. Organic pollutants are absorbed on the catalyst and degraded, leaving air cold, clean and free of contaminants.”

TAKKAIR is available now and for a limited time only. For every ThermaVein system ordered, clinics will receive a TAKKAIR purifying system free of charge.

For further information, contact ThermaVein on 01204 567197 / or visit

Read more about the ThermaVein method and how the technology can be used to safely treat thread veins and other skin blemishes, such as milia, skin tags and cherry angiomas here.

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