Staff safety is the “number one concern” for salon owners

According to new findings, staff safety is the number one concern for salon owners as they prepare for reopening.

Phorest Salon Software recently surveyed beauty and hair business owners to discover what aspects of reopening post-lockdown are getting them concerned and how they plan to handle this process.

The data found that the number one worry of salon owners was their staff's safety (35%), followed by the potential gap between the revenue their salon generates versus the overheads they have to pay (30%).

Salon owners were least concerned about the communication with clients (6%), indicating that they have been using tools to stay connected to their customers even during the lockdown.

When asked how confident they feel in general about reopening their salon safely, the surveyed rated their confidence on average as 7.3 out of 10.

In addition to official Government guidelines and social distancing rules that business owners will now need to consider, many are starting to decide how their ‘new normal' and day-to-day operations within their salon will look like.

The data also found:

  • The majority (68%) of the surveyed salon owners plan to open their doors for customers for 5 or 6 days.
  • 41% of the survey respondents plan to lengthen their opening hours to cope with the demand, at least temporarily.
  • Most of the salon owners plan to have 0 to 2 (34%) or 3 to 4 (36%) staff working in the salon at the same time, depending on the salon size.
  • 47% of the surveyed salon owners plan on offering restricted services and treatments when reopening their doors.
  • Looking at how salon owners plan to schedule the first weeks of appointments, the surveyed agreed that they'll first reach out to customers that were booked in, then contact loyal regular clients, followed by customers on the waiting list. 
  • Walk-ins and spontaneous bookings will not be accepted by most once salons reopen. The majority of the surveyed salon owners will only accept phone and email bookings, at least for the first few weeks.
To view the full survey results, vist the Phorest blog here.

(Image: Getty Images/iStock)