Stobo Castle expands its exclusive partnership with Phytomer

Phytomer's current collaboration with Stobo Castle is being expanded. The partnership between the two is becoming more exclusive, with the award-winning Scottish destination spa now primarily offering the brand's marine-based spa products and treatments.

In response to the news, Stobo Castle's marketing director Jenni Watts, said: “When the reputation of a world-class spa like Stobo Castle is at stake, we have to be 100% focused on selecting the world's finest products and treatments to exceed every guest expectation,” says Stobo Castle's marketing director Jenni Watts. “We research thoroughly to ensure we make the right decisions that uphold the integrity of our brand, meet the approval of our therapists, and elevate the guest experience to new levels of luxury and results. We have identified Phytomer as a perfect partner to meet this criteria.”    

Equally delighted with the partnership, Phytomer sees the association as “a new chapter in the relationship between two important brands in the spa industry”. Fiona Peerless, Phytomer's UK MD, comments: “We have been working with Stobo Castle to deliver training on our treatments and products for some time now. This has enabled us to develop a bond of trust that has led to this moment. With shared values and a common vision, we couldn't be more excited and confident with this new phase in our partnership moving to a more exclusive basis.”

Effective immediately, Phytomer treatments and products will take centre stage at Stobo Castle.

“Stobo Castle's decision is important for the spa, and of course the Phytomer brand," Fiona adds. "From such a renowned, revered, and decorated spa, it enhances Phytomer's status in the UK spa industry. With over 10,000 spas and leading hotels in 80 countries already choosing Phytomer, we are increasingly becoming a brand of choice and this new partnership reinforces our qualities as a brand of quality and distinction in the spa industry.”