Spa gift vouchers enjoy bumper sales in 2022

New data released by SpaSeekers has revealed that 2022 was a particularly strong year for spa voucher sales.

The research revealed a 10.25% increase in voucher sales compared to 2021 across SpaSeekers 400 UK spas, demonstrating that, despite the cost of living crisis, consumers are still committed to wellbeing spend.

In 2022, 50% of spa voucher redemptions occurred within the first two to three months, with 25% taking place within a month of purchase. Interestingly, this also demonstrates a shift in consumer behaviour; compared to 2021, only 7.5% of people redeemed their vouchers within the first month, and 50% took up to six months to use them.

SpaSeekers' Director, Jason Goldberg, states: “We were thrilled to see the trend in gifting experiences continuing in 2022, with a 10.25% increase in sales over 2021. What's fascinating is we're seeing people are ‘cashing in' their experiences faster and looking to enjoy their treats sooner. This information can help spa operators plan for occupancy and decide if they need to offer last-minute deals or incentives to fill potential white space.”