Self-care set to boom in Ireland post-pandemic survey finds

A new survey has delved into peoples' thoughts and attitudes surrounding the topic of wellness, coinciding with the reopening of Irish spa locations this week (29th June).

After months of disconnection, fears over personal health and widespread attempts at at-home spa treatments, the findings indicate that self-care is set to boom in Ireland post-lockdown.

Conducted by, the new data revealed that 9 out of 10 people said that personal wellness and wellness therapies are far more important now than before the pandemic began.

The national survey of nearly 2,500 Irish spa goers found they are overwhelmingly comfortable to start getting treatments again, with 97% happy to be going back for manicures; 95% for a massage and 90% will feel comfortable having facials and eye treatments.

Nearly half of all respondents (44%) admitted that they had missed seeing their spa therapist more than seeing a friend and 86% said they wished they could have had a massage during lockdown.

Three quarters of respondents admitted to trying at-home beauty treatments during lockdown, yet nearly all of these (72%) will be going back to the spa or beauty salon to get them done professionally.

“The most welcoming thing about this survey is how it shows a priority towards personal wellbeing, with 93% responding that ‘spa is more important now than ever',” says Juan Cullen, director of “With the right safety measures in place, the vast majority of Irish people are ready to return to spas, to invest in their wellness, and 20% of these believe they will spend more money in the spa than they did before.”

When asked what additional offerings they would like from spas in Ireland, the data revealed there was a clear appetite for more services like two-night retreats and services around mental wellbeing such as mindfulness, meditation and nutrition.

Although the demand for spa and wellness is clear, spa goers do have safety concerns. This is most apparent when shared facilities are considered, with over 24% not willing to return to thermal facilities (pools, saunas and steam rooms) when spas reopen. This concern is heightened in the over 60's group, who are twice as unwilling to use these shared spa facilities as their younger counterparts.

In addition, 76% want to be informed about the spas hygiene policy before arrival and 95% are happy to have their temperature taken when they do arrive.

Following the lifting of lockdown restrictions in the country, spa facilities and beauty salons were permitted to reopen this week in the Republic of Ireland (29th June).

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