NAILS: Spring Floral Marble Step by Step

With spring in full swing, Salon System nail expert Karen Louise demonstrates how to create this floral marble look using GELLUX…

Step 1

Start by prepping the nails by pushing back the cuticle, filing to shape and gently buff the nail. Remove any excess dust and wipe with GELLUX Prep + Wipe. Then, using the GELLUX Fast Bond, apply to the nails and let dry. Finally, for the nail preparation apply the GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat and cure.

Step 2

Then, apply a thin coat of the GELLUX She Sells Seychelles to the index finger, followed by GELLUX Stormy to the remaining nails and cure. Repeat this for the second coat, but making sure to cap the edges.

Step 3

Using a thin detailing brush and GELLUX Purely White, paint the flower and the stem design on both the index and middle finger and then cure. 

Step 4

Now go over the stem and leaves on your design with GELLUX Dress to Impress and flash cure. When colouring the stork and leaves, it's OK to leave some GELLUX Purely White showing to add further depth and an arty effect to your design.

Step 5

Next, use GELLUX She Sells Seychelles to create your flowers on the middle fingers and GELLUX Stormy to colour your flowers on the index finger and now cure.

Step 6

Now to the pinkie, ring and thumb nail, using a small flat nail art brush over the top of the nail (wiping off excess) using GELLUX Dress To Impress and GELLUX She Sells Seychelles and just let them blend in then cure.

Step 7

Apply the GELLUX Mirror Glaze Topcoat to the nails making sure to cap the edges and cure. Finish by wiping the nails over with GELLUX Prep + Wipe and finish with the GELLUX Cuticle & Nail Oil

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