SPONSORED: Why video can be your best friend in 2023

Steve Mayatt, Creative Director of Pocket Creatives, explains why video should be an essential aspect of your marketing strategy for the upcoming year. 

We all know the benefits of using video. The flexibility to advertise, engage and educate our audiences using crafted video production makes it the premier choice to spearhead your marketing efforts as a beauty brand for the year ahead.

Historically, what tends to happen in these trickier economies is that people reduce marketing spend, as it's one of the easier purse strings to tighten. But this can be counter-productive. Surely, better marketing of your products and services is the way to dig through the challenges with the hope of emerging stronger at the other end?

For us, video can be the best tool in your marketing arsenal.

We tend to look at using video as a way of solving a problem. It then makes it easier to plan for, easier to implement, as well as being easier to measure success.

So, if you're getting a bit lost in the mix and are having trouble really standing out in front of your competitors, a brand video or a social ad could help to provide that point of difference, for example. Or, perhaps you're already getting loads of interest and plenty of traffic to your website, but conversions aren't where they need to be. We're creating increasing numbers of product-based videos that might be more enticing than stills alone, or that go a step further to demonstrate usage – aspects that could have a very positive effect on increasing sales. Maybe you're in a marketplace where people buy because of your values, and if your customers could understand why you use ethically-sourced and sustainable ingredients, could that make them your biggest fan?

The flexibility of video is immense. But, it can be a dreadful waste of money if it's being produced just for the sake of it, so it should be treated carefully in order to get the very best out of it. If you do that, video could just be the solution you're looking for.

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Steven Mayatt is the Creative Director at Pocket Creatives: an experienced creative production team specialised in video content and photography production, working across the UK. They can deliver brand films, product videos, and packshots that help brands stand out from the crowd.