SPONSORED: Why there’s never been a better time to take your salon experience online

If you’re not selling online, you’re missing out. Tamara Reid, Head of Partnerships at Timely Business Management Software, explains why enhancing your digital presence is a game-changer for small businesses.

Where are your clients right now? If they're not already in your salon, chances are, they're scrolling through their phone either at home, work or on-the-go. In this digital age, it's never been more important to meet your clients where they are: online.

During the pandemic, ecommerce grew by over 50 per cent. In 2021, consumers clocked up a whopping $4.9 trillion in online purchases globally – and this year, that number is only expected to grow.

By opening an online store, your products are available 24/7

A digital-savvy client won't wait until their next appointment to pick up a bottle of their favourite hairdresser-approved shampoo – more than likely, they'll snap up a new one online as soon as their stash runs out. By opening an online store, you won't miss the opportunity to sell to your client between appointments. You'd be surprised how many shoppers would prefer to support small businesses, given the chance.

Spas and salons that use Timely Business Management Software can set up an online store in a matter of minutes. Thanks to Timely's integration with Shopify, it's incredibly easy to manage stock and sales across both systems. Plus, Shopify lets you link your store and social media accounts, which is a fantastic way to grow sales via Instagram and Facebook.

Rather than looking at an online store as a completely new venture, think of it as an extension of your in-salon experience. If your salon experience is top-notch – which we know it is – you can use your online presence to build client loyalty between appointments.

Diversify your income to future-proof your business

While we don't want to dwell on the events of the last two years, the reality is that ecommerce was a lifesaver for many small businesses during lockdown. Diversifying your income streams helps to stabilise your business and create consistent cashflow, even in the midst of a crisis.

Pandemics aside, selling online will only strengthen your business by reaching new clients and could even allow you to earn more while working less. So I guess the real question is… What are you waiting for?

Tamara Reid is the Head of Brand at Timely Beauty Business Software. For more information, visit gettimely.com

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