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Make every customer feel like a million dollars with HIVE®’s 24K Collection.

The beauty industry has never been more competitive, as such salon owners need to work hard to maintain an edge over their competitors. Ensuring you can meet the demands and needs of every single client that walks through your door will play a significant role in the continued growth of your business. All it takes is attention, skill, and the right choice of products!
Ensure your existing client base has no reason to look elsewhere and that you wow those coming through the door for the first time, by making every waxing client feel like a million dollars with the HIVE® 24K Collection.

The 24K Collection was conceptualised on the principle of having a high-quality foundation using Pure White Beeswax with the addition of a bespoke selection of active ingredients. Providing each product within the range with premium levels of function and performance. 

HIVE® Charcoal D/Tox – Hot Wax Pellets 500g

Powered by Activated Charcoal to draw toxins and impurities from within the pores, leaving skin hair-free, cleansed, and rejuvenated. Charcoal D/Tox Pellets require no wax strips and can be used for specialist waxing such as beard shaping or nose and eyebrow waxing, whilst producing fantastic results in more traditional waxing treatments such as back, chest, or legs.

HIVE® Golden Touch – Warm Wax 425g

A luxurious and refined all-purpose warm wax with a glamorous golden shimmer that produces results as good as it looks! HIVE® Golden Touch Warm Wax includes Glyceryl Rosinate to provide therapists with a soft and gentle application that is suitable for all skin types. In addition, Pure White Beeswax, which is rich in Vitamin A, is deeply moisturising, helps protect the skin, and has therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties.

HIVE® Pear Perfection - Hot Wax Pellets 500g

Designed for use on all skin types and to provide beauty professionals with a premium feeling, fast acting, hot film wax for widespread use. Pear Perfection Hot Film Wax Pellets' effective hair removal properties excel when used on larger treatment areas.

The formulation includes Pure White Beeswax whilst also harnessing the natural benefits of Prickly Pear (Barbary Fig) Seed Oil renowned for its powerful antioxidant compounds and its ability to calm irritation and redness of the skin. 

HIVE® Platinum Pearl - Allergen Free Wax 425g

Staying true to the founding principles of the 24K Collection but for the first time, removing Pure Beeswax from the formulation has enabled the development of this allergen free wax that is suitable for vegans. 

Platinum Pearl strip wax benefits from the inclusion of Jasmin Flower Extract, renowned for its antioxidant and moisturising properties. Ideal for clients with sensitive skin, the Rosin-free formula also provides effective results on all hair types. Whilst the refreshing fragrance further elevates the waxing treatment and promotes a sense of calm.

The 24K Collection enables beauty businesses to tailor treatments specifically to the needs of the client, without compromising on the quality of the results. Whether it is facial waxing, clients with sensitive skin, or those with a vegan lifestyle, your salon will be ready to exceed all expectations and become THE beauty hotspot to visit.

The HIVE® Wax range is available from all good wholesalers. For more details, visit hiveofbeauty.com