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There are many beauty treatments that will require sterilisation and you need to have salon sterilisation equipment that works at the best mode to offer the best services to your clients, and if one thing the past 12 months has taught us, it is to make sure we clean and sterilise items we use on a daily basis.

Our range of steriliser's have been manufactured so they can be adjusted to temperatures you feel will best sterilise your equipment. Clay, ceramic and glass objects can be sterilised in just under 10 minutes with a hot air steriliser, so your next client does not have to wait long, this also means you can book in more clients throughout the day, knowing the client will be safe.

Glass bead sterilisers are perfect for all smaller metal tools used for nail treatments and hair, being compact and space saving.

The UV cabinets are great for having a sterile environment to place your cleaned tools into, giving you and client confidence in safety.

Ultrasonic steriliser uses ultrasound waves and solution to allow quick sterilisation for instruments and tools, good for busy salons and colleges.

At PJS we have all four types of these sterilisers which you can pick from that are tailored to your needs, whether it is for saving space or the temperature of the steriliser. You can see all of our salon sterilisation equipment on our website.

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For more information, contact the PJS team on 01634 565 005 to discuss.

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