SPONSORED STORY: RefectoCil - Custom Colour Concept

RefectoCil, the specialist and world market leaders for eyelash and eyebrow tinting, want to provide more than an eyebrow or eyelash tint, they want to provide a bespoke, custom colour tinting experience. 
With the most extensive colour palette available, technicians are able to blend shades and create a unique colour for their clients.

Recognised as the ‘Hairdressers of the Lash World' RefectoCil tints allow experts to match brows to dyed hair colour so any treatment can be tailored, brows can be as dramatic or as natural as clients wish.

Gone are the days when a simple black or brown tint are sufficient, clients are now requesting more fashion and celebrity inspired looks. Natural or dyed redheads will absolutely love the vibrant Red and Chestnut tints.

Creating a bespoke brow has never been easier with RefectoCil tints, no wonder it's loved by so many!

RefectoCil is available from professional beauty wholesalers nationwide. For more information, visit www.salonsystem.com/stockists

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