SPONSORED: Professional Footcare by Australian Bodycare

By harnessing and infusing the therapeutic, healing and restorative powers of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil into a highly effective professional and retail range, Australian Bodycare has earned a formidable reputation in beauty salons and spas.


With a professional manicure and pedicure treatment protocol called ‘Keep It Clean', the newly designed professional foot care line ensures the highest therapeutic standards that leaves clients with beautifully soft, moisturised and immaculately conditioned feet and nails.

These advanced formulations are used in conjunction with other Australian Bodycare products, such as body scrub and hand cream, to exfoliate, cleanse, restore and protect even the most challenging of skincare conditions to render feet, nails and hands in optimum health and condition.


With feet enduring the worst wear and tear of all body areas, they require specially tailored care in the salon and at home, as Australian Bodycare's MD Fiona Peerless explains. “As with all Australian Bodycare, the professional range is complemented with a comprehensive retail offering to maintain the effect of treatments in between visits,” she says. “From every day care to a refreshing, healing foot spray, and special treatments for nails and corns, this collection gives clients everything they need to maintain healthy feet and nails whilst giving salons and spas a retail boost."

Discover at https://trade.australianbodycare.com/ email info@australianbodycare.com or call 01892 750 850 and email for training information

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