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The experts from Shop Beautiful take a closer look at how the menopause can affect the skin...

The menopause is something all women face eventually, some earlier than others. It is notorious for its symptoms, the hot flashes and the night sweats, but there is little focus on the impact on the skin.

We need to appreciate that this process of skin health cannot just continue to ‘happen' on its own. As we age and the skin begins to denature, we have to help out a little (this is where we come in).

The menopause affects more than just our skin and we should be mindful of the varied reactions each individual will have. Helping to recognise other systemic effects and educating ourselves with the anatomy and indications of change is a must. The menopause will see a distinctive decrease in the body's natural production of Oestrogen. Oestrogen in the right quantity is an essential and pretty helpful hormone actually. Like most things, everything in moderation is fine, once we have an imbalance then we begin to encounter problems.

Lack of Oestrogen can affect not only the skin, with signs of brain dysfunction and effects to emotional wellbeing as just some of the other components to the menopause for us to look forward to. There are other long term health issues that may come over lack of oestrogen and this will also affect our client's appearance and skin health.

The role of Oestrogen in skin health is greatly linked to our fibroblasts, healthy sebum production and effective wound healing. Literally, everything that keeps that lipid barrier working to its optimum… As much as 30% of collagen is lost in the first 5 years post-menopause.

Lack of Oestrogen will affect collagen production and we see a decline in healthy skin-friendly fibroblast cells in strong correlation with menopause, if we add other extrinsic factors like poor regimen and routine we are in a little downward spiral, wouldn't you agree.

Would we build a house without the correct foundations?

Our role in prevention and client-led solutions should be armed with products and professional treatment combinations with education at the heart of it. We can and should help our clients understand the changes THEY can make to their skin health with lifestyle considerations and compliance from them too, by way of homecare.

Six steps for better skin health
  • Preventative daily SPF with reparative benefits
  • Antioxidant rich diet
  • Consider supplements like the Proto-col range or NutraKOS amino acid drinkable
  • Regular biologically regenerative professional peeling intervention for helping with skin cell turnover and amino acid proliferation
  • Improving Hyaluronic Acid concentration with HA enriched products
  • Think about introducing retinoids when good routine is established
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