SPONSORED: Is it time to start using tiered pricing in your salon?

Whether you’re looking to grow your profits or pave a clear path for staff progression, there’s so much to be gained from implementing tiered pricing in your spa or salon.

By Melanie Wallace, UK Marketing Manager at Timely Business Management Software

When it comes to tiered pricing, there is one obvious benefit that springs to mind: that by assigning different prices to your staff, based on skill and seniority, you can maximise profits by bumping up the price tag on certain services.

While this face-value benefit is certainly true (more on that in a second) there is so much more to be gained from implementing a tiered structure in your salon, spa, or clinic. In the service industry, experience matters, staff progression matters, and client satisfaction matters – and tiered pricing can help with all of these things.

Timely Business Management Software helps beauty businesses set up a tiered system in a flash. By using a booking management system, you can manage your calendar efficiently and ensure staff are always booked in at the right price.

Here's why you should consider tiered pricing in your business...

Champion your most skilled staff

When staff feel valued, they stick around for longer. By calling out your most experienced staff on your price list, you are championing them and their hard-earned skills, along with their contribution to your business.

Chances are, your most skilled staff are also the most sought-after, so by increasing the price of their services, you can also capitalise on client demand. It's a win, win.

Make room for staff progression

For up-and-coming staff, salary is a big signifier that they are progressing in their career. A tiered pricing structure allows you to offset pay increases – plus, it helps to clearly define career development and allows you to easily move staff through tiers as they upskill.

Timely-powered businesses can use the software's reporting features to implement and monitor staff targets to create transparent progression plans for staff. While there's no one-size-fits-all structure, try tailoring your tiers to reflect the scale of your business (up to a maximum of six).

Tiered pricing = tiered spending

Tiered pricing means that budget-conscious clients can still get a kick-ass service (which we know you provide) and stick within their price range. On the flip side, clients with a more disposable income can book in with their go-to senior staff member who has the know-how to get them to their desired outcome.

By investing in Timely, you can step up a tiered pricing system that integrates seamlessly with your calendar. For a limited time, Timely is offering all businesses 40 per cent off for six months. To redeem the offer just start a free 14 day trial. You'll automatically get this incredible offer once you end your trial and activate a Timely account.

For more information on how Timely business management software can help your salon or spa, contact the team at 020 3808 0465 / gettimely.com