SPONSORED: Hive Wax 425g vegan-friendly range

The line allows you to wax with confidence and conscience.

The beauty industry is well versed in changing trends, treatments and styles. However, in recent years there has been a change that the industry has not previously seen before and one which has been pushed to the forefront by issue conscious clients rightly concerned about animal rights, parabens and vegan suitability.
As a core value of the company is meeting client's needs, HIVE have ensured that their hugely popular core range of 425g strip waxes are vegan friendly.

Containing high quality warm, crème and gelee waxes are formulated with the purest of ingredients to deliver optimum efficiency and gentle application. Providing therapists with options for every treatment, skin or hair type, and client preference. Ensuring beauty therapists can wax with confidence and conscious this summer!

The HIVE Wax 425g core range contains:

  • Warm ‘Honey' Wax 425g
  • Tea Tree Crème Wax 425g
  • Sensitive Crème Wax 425g
  • Xtra Strong Warm Wax 425g
  • Crème Wax 425
  • Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax 425g
  • SuperBerry Antioxidant Crème Wax 425g

The HIVE Wax range is available from all good wholesalers. For more details, www.hiveofbeauty.com
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