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Treatments lie at the heart of every professional brand and Australian Bodycare is no exception.

Revered in the beauty industry for market-leading Tea Tree Oil formulations that impart natural healing and therapeutic benefits on all skin types and ethnicities, this gender neutral, vegan-friendly range was ahead of its time when it entered the professional beauty market in 1992 and transformed salon experiences. Since then, it has amassed a fanbase of loyal beauty therapists and clients who trust in its quality, performance and effect.

Skin-Kind For Everybody

The core ingredient of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil has very distinct powers. Sustainably harvested from a very specific region of New South Wales, this particular variety of oil is proven to possess healing benefits beyond any other variety of Tea Tree Oil. Revered by ancient Aboriginal tribes, its therapeutic benefits have been sought for over a thousand years to resolve a variety of skin issues including spots, rashes, infection, irritation, acne and even sunburn. Infusing this highly potent, yet extremely skin-kind elixir in a range of bespoke products catapulted Australian Bodycare into the heart of the global professional beauty industry, where it has remained ever since.

To deliver the therapeutic benefits of Tea Tree Oil, Australian Bodycare has developed two signature beauty protocols - a Deep Cleansing Facial and the Keep It Clean Manicure and Pedicure.

“In keeping with the purity and simplicity of the Australian Bodycare brand, we've developed two signature treatments that elevate the brand experience and deliver tangible treatment outcomes for clients,” says UK director Fiona Peerless. “These give salons and therapists highly effective treatments that invigorate the client's skin and maximise hygiene whilst tackling unwanted issues - from acne, spots and blemishes, to itchy, sore skin and red spots, to fungal infections that can cause unsightly nails and discomfort. Along with other advanced ingredients, Tea Tree Oil heals and protects to deliver a visible and lasting effect, as well as making skin feel radiant and healthy.”

Face the day with skin confidence

Featuring Face Wash, Tonic, Mask, Cream and pure tea tree oil, the Deep Cleansing facial extracts dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities to deep clean pores. Cleansing, exfoliation and a pure Tea Tree Oil facial massage, combine with a toning stage that together enlivens and refresh the complexion leaving it noticeably vibrant and radiant. “Each product in our professional face care line is enriched with bespoke and naturally derived ingredients known for their specific benefits on the skin,” says Fiona. “From our signature oil to Caviar Lime, Kakadu Plum extract, Macadamia Nut Oil and Tasmanian pepper, this multi-functional range soothes, heals and protects all skin types.”

Nail It With ABC

With feet and nails enduring the hardest of daily rigour, Keep It Clean Manicure and Pedicure treatments keeps the feet, hands and nails in prime condition. Featuring Foot Repair, Foot Cream, Heel Repair and Hand Cream, these protocols nourish and moisturise to maximise the health, condition and appearance and health of feet, hands and nails. More than that, these advanced formulations combined with a therapeutic delivery helps to address issues such as hard, dead skin and cracked heels, as well as combating fungal and bacterial growth that can be the cause of irritation and discomfort.

With both treatments offering a complementary retail collection that extends the effect of these treatments in between salon visits, these present an in-salon and retail opportunity to boost client satisfaction and incomes.

Discover these treatments by contacting Australian Bodycare on 01892 750 850 or email info@australianbodycare.com Create a free trade account at https://trade.australianbodycare.com

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