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Whether you work from home, mobile, or at a salon location, Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT) completely understand your business and treatment portfolio.

With a specialist understanding of the sector, knowledgeable staff who have previously worked in the industry, and a dedicated team of professionals with over 50 years of market experience, ABT works tirelessly to protect your business. As the largest beauty and insurance membership provider in the UK, we currently have over 18,000 active and insured business owners.

Insurance specialists

ABT are specialists – we understand your business, treatment ranges, product queries, clients, and frustrations that can arise. Our company was founded in 2007 and has been successfully providing insurance solutions for individual therapists, hairdressers, salon owners, and students working in the beauty, hair, and complementary therapy fields.

As the trusted name in this specialist insurance and membership sector, ABT offer benefits including £6 million Professional Liability Insurance, £6 million Public Liability Insurance, £6 million Product Liability Insurance, and £6 million Medical Malpractice/Treatment Risk Insurance as standard.

Not only do we communicate with Government on behalf of our members, but we also work with a vast majority of industry suppliers to bring you information on new products and launches, along with delivering exclusive offers to your inbox regularly.

In addition, ABT provides business support, operates industry news sites, publishes magazines, runs events, supports training, and offers ABT accreditation for an array of face-to-face and online courses. This meant that during the pandemic, we have supported our industry and have enabled it to continue to learn and grow. Not only has this resulted in a rise in treatments being added to salons post-pandemic, but our accredited training schools and colleges have been able to trade through these unprecedented times because of ABT Online Accreditation.

Protecting your business

A basic but important question – why should salon professionals have insurance? Whether you're seeing one client a week or 50, you need insurance to protect yourself and your business. Yet time and again, professionals convince themselves it's a waste of money and an added expense that they can do without. However, spending a few pounds a year could save you hundreds of thousands in the long run.

As a beauty therapist, hairdresser, nail tech, or complementary therapist, you are working within a professional field and being paid for your services. Your clients' wellbeing is your responsibility while you are treating them and while they are on your premises or at their homes. Furthermore, if you use proprietary products, such as skin care, nail products, shampoos, colours, or styling products, in some incidences these can cause reactions on some clients, for which you are also responsible.

Without insurance, you are leaving yourself open to personally paying out claims. What you may not realise is that claims can often run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Regardless of the ethical and moral reasons why you should be insured, it is a must from a financial perspective. Moreover, as the therapist, you have a duty of care by law to protect your client.

It's imperative that you keep continual cover in place. Continuous coverage refers to having insurance coverage without any lapses. It is important as it may have legal ramifications if a claim is made against you, or you need to make a claim.

Choosing the right cover

You should consider what your policy provides cover for, and choose a policy for Professional Liability, Public and Product Liability Insurance, which all ABT policies are. Even whilst your salon is closed, if you are still providing advice or instruction to any clients, even virtually (via online platforms such as Zoom, etc.), you will still need to protect yourself and your business against breach of your professional duty. Legal defence and damage payouts can be costly.

If your policy includes insurance cover for loss, destruction and or damage to physical assets that you own and/or are responsible for then, a suitable policy should remain in force. The likelihood of a fire, flood, theft/vandalism etc still remains. Consider insurance requirements under any contracts you may have entered into for the leasing of equipment and/or property; you may be contractually bound to continue with insurance cover.

If you don't currently have insurance, choose a policy that's right for you, consider all the treatments you are qualified to provide, the treatments you plan on training in, and don't underestimate the amount of insurance coverage you will need. Additionally, be aware of exclusions, claims excesses, patch test requirements, and declarations agreed, as well as extra charges and endorsements.

For more information about ABT and how it can help your business, call 01789 773 573 or visit www.abtinsurance.co.uk