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Working in the beauty industry can bring a huge amount of joy, but when delivering your services, you'll often come into contact with potentially harmful fumes and dust. It's therefore vital to protect the air around you, your staff and your clients.
From nail polishes to eyelash glue, brow tint to acrylic, almost everything you use in a beauty salon can contain irritants; it's a minefield of hazards!

And while some may be more visible than others and therefore easier to remove or protect against, it's the almost invisible and invisible particles that can cause the most damage.

Potentially harmful dust

Dust, created from nail filings, for example, are categorised into two different groups:

  • Inhalable (normally around the width of a human hair) is visible in normal light and can be breathed in via the nose and mouth.
  • Respirable practically, if not completely invisible to the naked eye, so is small enough to get into the inner workings of your lungs!

The issue with these tiny particles travelling around and into your body is that they can carry all sorts of bacteria, fungus and viruses straight into your respiratory system, which can lead to breathing problems, asthma and more serious lung conditions. Not to mention the effect it can have on your skin, leading to irritation and eczema.

Protection harmful fumes

Fumes from chemicals such as acetone, acrylic monomer and nail/eyelash glue, on the other hand, are completely invisible and have been proven to be bad for your health.

These potent vapours not only linger in your salon and smell horrible, but they can cause headaches, skin irritations, breathing problems, asthma and more serious lung conditions (just like dust).

Fume and dust extraction solutions

Luckily during our 35 years of experience, we have honed our extraction solutions and filters to capture these potentially harmful particles, keeping you, your staff and your clients' air safe. They also comply or exceed HSE COSHH SR13 guidelines, so you can rest assured that every aspect of your salon air safety is covered.

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