SPONSORED BLOG: Solo Business Owners – Tips for Your Success

Tamara Reid, Head of Brand at Timely Beauty Business Software, shares her top advice for solo business owners.

Without extra staff, solo business owners have less baggage and are able to enjoy more freedom in business. If this sounds like the life you want to live, here are some tips that may help...

Manage your time well

All solo business owners learn good time management skills because they all eventually realise that time is the most valuable thing they have. You'll never be able to buy time, so it's essential to manage it wisely.

Learn to say no

In the first few years of business, you have to say yes a lot because you usually can't afford to say no. But once you've found your journey and your business is starting to grow, you can start saying no to the meetings and clients that don't align with your vision.

You are never too small to do marketing

Some solo business owners think their businesses are too small for marketing. While they may not need an entire marketing team, there is no business that is too small for marketing. Social media is a good place to start for solo business owners. It's cost-effective, easy to get started, and there are few limits to what you can do. There are hundreds of solo entrepreneurs out there who are using social media and websites to promote themselves.

Don't do everything yourself

Just because you don't have employees doesn't mean you can't delegate. Use contractors to help you do the things you're not so good at. While it's always tempting to do something yourself and save the money spent, getting it done right the first time will be a better up front investment and it'll free you up your time.

Use software to help you

Software has disrupted the way solo businesses work, slashing many of their operational costs. There are now many tools that can help you be better at business, and since a lot of them are cloud-based and integrate with each other, they can transfer your data between them so you're not double entering information.

Take breaks

This is fairly self-explanatory. As a one-person team, it's safe to say you'll be working hard, so learn to take regular breaks. You deserve them. Block your daily breaks out in your calendar and stick to them. In Timely, you can use the breaks feature to schedule some free time for yourself, and it won't let customers book an appointment with you on your break.

You should also allow time for a holiday away from your business. This can be hard to manage as solo business owners when no one can cover for you, but you can still work remotely and keep business ticking using online tools.

Follow your dreams

Last of all, and probably most importantly, don't forget why you got into business in the first place. When you have really tough days and you want to give up, remember why you started doing what you're doing, and use that to get you through. After all, what's all the hard work worth if it's not helping you achieve your dreams?!

Tamara Reid is the Head of Brand at Timely Beauty Business Software. For more information, visit  gettimely.com

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