Report finds hair and beauty sector contributes billions to UK economy

The financial value of the UK hair and beauty sector has been established for the first time in an Economic Impact Assessment Report.

The report, commissioned by the Hair & Barber Council in conjunction with the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC), identified that the hair and beauty industry contributes £6.6billion to the UK economy, which equates to at least eight percent of the total value generated by the retail sector.

It is hoped that the report, which was launched on May 22 to politicians and industry professionals, will encourage support from the government, add momentum to the industry's campaign for self-regulation and support the requirement to include beauty and amend the currently voluntary Act of Parliament to mandatory.

Keith Conniford, CEO and Registrar of The Hair & Barber Council said, “Hair and beauty salons are the heartbeat of the UK's high streets. This report shows unequivocally the enormous value and great career choices associated with the industry, and further strengthens the need and desire from the public and industry to finally have the sector recognised as the professionals they are.”