Product Focus: Halo Elite Hard Gel

The experts at Pure Nails tell us more about their latest launch, Halo Elite Hard Gel...
  • Long-lasting & hard wearing
  • Holds shape with flexibility built-in
  • Easily add structure, build, and extend
  • 100% Hema-monomer free

Halo Elite Hard Gel Trial Kits

Available in Distributors and online at www.purenails.coThese kits can be bought for only £19.95 and contain £36.74 worth of products!  We are so confident that nail techs will fall in love with the system that we are practically giving them away, so everyone has the chance to try it for themselves!

The kit contains:

  • Bright White (8g)  an extremely pigmented white that applies in one coat.
  • Sculpting Clear (8g) - for creating beautiful extensions using Pure Nails Tips or Halo Elite Nail Forms. It's thick, non-levelling consistency is perfect for creating even the longest of extensions.
  • Cover Pink (8g) - a one-step gel that can be used for overlays, tips, sculpting and on top or under the Sculpting Gel to create a flawless nail bed.
  • Halo Elite Nail Forms sample pack – a superior, strong form that is super sticky so stays put on your client's finger, and will continue to stick if you need to adjust too!
  • Card with a QR code that links to our YouTube channel with demos on how to use the product by Tina Bell – Head of Education for Pure Nails. Don't forget, we are always available for any help or training to support techs with our products. You can contact Tina Bell via email

The hard gel has been specially formulated to be used in conjunction with the full range of Halo Gel Polish Base and Top Coats including the brilliant Rubber Base Coat. Using one of these Base Coats underneath the Hard Gel helps with removal, enabling the Hard Gel to soak off once the bulk has been removed by filing.

Halo Elite Hard Gel complete system is available in the following colours, sizes, and prices:

Halo Elite Hard Gel is a medium viscosity, self-levelling, UV/LED curable gel (we recommend using our Halo Smart Lamp pro to cure as this has been vigorously tested by our chemists for optimum performance with our products). Available in Clear, Bright White, Cover Pink and Cover Warm Pink to suit different skin tones, along with a Sheer Soft Pink for creating a natural look.

Sculpting Gel has a thicker viscosity than the hard gel and is available in the glass-like Clear like it's standard gel counterpart. A fantastic product with so many uses, it's easy to apply and suitable for all skill levels.

Halo Elite Primer is infused with Vitamin E and can be used on the natural nail to prevent lifting and increasing longevity of enhancements.

Fibre Gel is perfect for fixing repairs, chips, or cracks, allowing the repaired nail to grow out naturally without breaks. It's super strong and infused with 10% fibreglass, a brilliant tool in the nail tech's kit! 

Halo Elite Hard Gel is available from Pure Nails. For more information, visit