Press launch for supplement brand

Gerrard International recently held an official press launch for their latest brand partner, Hair Gain.

Journalists gathered at London's VIVI restaurant to hear more about the new supplement which was designed specifically for the eight million women who suffer from hair loss at some point of their lives in the UK.

One of the biggest contributors to this is post-partum alopecia which affects 300,000 women each year alone, including Hair Gain founder, Lucy Palmer, who suffered after having her first baby. As a result, Lucy created Hair Gain which contains the exclusive AnaGain ingredient, derived from the organic pea shoot, along with zinc and biotin, to deliver effective hair growth results in just one month of use.

The supplement brand is now available from Gerrard International for distribution through spa and salons. Speaking at the event, Lucy explained: “Women talk very freely in a salon environment – a lot of women tell their therapists more than what they would even tell their best friend. Women trust their therapists enough to talk to them about their hair loss, and therapists can help them feel confident and beautiful by recommending and retailing Hair Gain.”