NovaLash International formally returns to the UK

NovaLash has officially ended its partnership with its previous distributor in England and is now fully operational in the UK.
Now re-established under its formal company name, NovaLash International, the brand is also known as NovaLash UK. After appointing a sole UK distributor for training and products in 2018, by 2022 the company decided to bring operations back in-house while utilizing a third-party logistics company for inventory management, packing, and shipping.

"We are really excited to be back, and we look forward to reconnecting with the UK, Irish and European markets," said Zachary Falb, Global Education and Training Manager. "Customers can expect increased levels of service and support as well as faster, more efficient delivery of products."

As part of its re-entry into the market, Novalash has also launched a new online shop at that is open to all lash professionals.