NEW LAUNCH: bt-micro fusion and bt-micro fusion PRO

After receiving numerous requests from its professional skin therapists, Bio-Therapeutic has launched the bt-micro fusion, a consumer version of their popular bt-micro.

With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting professional skin care services, the new device has been developed to enable clients to maintain their results at home between salon treatments.

Showcasing a complete chassis redesign and the latest electronic componentry, the bt-micro fusion is an ultrasonic skin perfecting tool.

Ideal for professional grade skin cleansing, smoothing, and product application, the bt-micro fusion features 30,000 Hz oscillation for effective home care results. Small and compact, the new chassis is highly water resistant, optimally weighted for hand held use, and powered by a long lasting battery.

In addition, Bio-Therapeutic is also launching the bt-micro fusion PRO for the professional skin therapist.

This technology builds on all the attributes of the bt-micro fusion personal edition, and adds the brand's proprietary microcurrent technology to enhance results throughout the professional treatment protocol.

Both the bt-micro fusion personal edition and bt-micro fusion PRO professional edition also feature a water resistant button panel that allows for easy navigation between two power levels and three ultrasonic modes, each custom engineered for: exfoliation and cleansing; clearing and extractions; and application of serums, masques and creams.

The bt-micro fusion PRO will be available to professional skin therapists starting from this month.

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