SPONSORED: Wax Centre Distribution ITALWAX Range

Wax Centre Distribution has recently introduced the latest products from ITALWAX to the UK.
Made from the highest quality ingredients, ITALWAX products provide the most efficient wax for beauty therapists and clients.

The brand's new TOP LINE range of waxing cartridges is 100% synthetic, based on a non-allergic formula for sensitive skin. “This soft wax will remove 100% of hair with ease due to its elasticity,” explain the experts at Wax Centre Distribution. “The innovative wax formula allows it to capture very short hairs with a length of 1mm and used correctly, remove even very stiff after-shave hair.”

With a working temperature of 37-39°C, it can be used on large areas such as arms, legs and back. Plus, one of the wax's main benefits is that it leaves no residue, helping to simplify the aftercare process. It's available in four fragrances – Argan, Pearl, Orchid and Coral.

In addition, the wide spectrum of TOP LINE products includes the film wax range, which is formulated using premium level synthetic polymer and ideal for sensitive skin.

For interested parties who would like to try the range, Wax Centre Distribution is happy to send out samples of products. Simply contact the team directly via their social media platforms (@italwaxuk) or website, where they can also answer any queries you may have and help you get started.

Contact the team by email, sales@waxcenterdistribution.co.uk or visit www.waxcenterdistribtuion.co.uk

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