NEW LAUNCH: Summer Squeeze Collection from Light Elegance

On-trend for the new season with bold, bright shades, Summer Squeeze is the latest Colour and Glitter Gel collection from Light Elegance.

Inspired by the fresh colours and textures found in the fruit we all love, the 12 new hues offer a delicious palette of fruity creams, succulent shimmers and enticing glitters.

Colour Collection:

  • Charming Cherry: A luscious vibrant red-pink coral cream.
  • Devil Wears Guava: A guava pink with bronzed shimmer throughout.
  • Dragonfruit: A translucent, hot watermelon pink with an elegant touch of shimmer.
  • Strawberries & Cream: A soft and sweet baby pink with a touch of elegant shimmer.
  • Sublime Lime: An electric green mixed with bright white makes for a fun pastel neon that pops.
  • Sunkissed: A soft, baby yellow with a lot of white for rich, opaque coverage.

Glitter Collection:

  • A Couple of Coconuts: Tiny silver and crystal glitter in a neutral beige pink base.
  • Bad Banana: An electric, neon-yellow glitter lightly sprinkled with flashes of amber throughout.
  • Fruit Snacks: A hot-pink foundation is the ideal background for flashes of amber and pink glitter to twinkle throughout this neon glitter gel.
  • Kiwi to My Heart: A lime green glitter gel that is sprinkled with chartreuse popping glitter.
  • Nice Melons: This fiery glitter gel has flashes of orange, yellow, and peach.
  • Sangria: A mixture of sizes in pearl glitter in the colours of Caribbean blue, hot pink, chartreuse and bright red create a bright and unique look.

“Summer Squeeze was dreamt up by the LE colour team to add bold, bright flavour to any look - right on-trend for summer,” says Lezlie McConnell, co-owner of Light Elegance. “We know that nail professionals will be as inspired by these shades as we were creating them, and the possibilities for creating summer styles and nail art are as juicy and delicious as the beautiful fruit nature provides us.”

The Summer Squeeze range is available to purchase individually or as a complete collection. Contact 0333 000 7000 for more details or visit