NEW LAUNCH: ORITREE Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets

ORITREE have unveiled its first ever wax pellets designed for use during facial and intimate waxing, whilst also providing professional results on larger treatment areas.
The new Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets have been expertly crafted to provide therapists with a gentle formulation that remains extremely pliable thus enabling successful hair removal with each application.

Available in a salon-friendly 1kg bag, the pellets can be easily decanted to the quantity required per treatment to ensure less waste and the packaging is also re-sealable to keep the product in pristine condition. In addition, no wax strips are required to further help salons reduce the cost of disposables.

Following in the tradition of ORITREE's celebrated Hot Wax Chunks, the Optimum Hot Film Wax Pellets are created with pure beeswax to provide a natural and effective base to the formulation.

The brand explains that the inclusion of pure beeswax helps the product adhere to the hair only, gripping strongly whilst remaining pliable, enabling hairs as short as 2mm to be removed easily with greater levels of client comfort.

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