NEW LAUNCH: Light Elegance Premium Pretties Kit

Nail brand, Light Elegance, has introduced its brand-new Premium Pretties Kit.

These dry pigments are designed to be sprinkled or mixed into Light Elegance Gels and Apex Acrylic enabling nail techs to get creative with each individual look.

The Premium Pretties Kit contains:

  • Morocco - A combination of mirrored pink, gold and green
  • Ice - A baby soft pink and silver shimmer
  • Opal - A mirrored, opalescent shimmer
  • Cherry Gold - A flat, rosy bronze

  • Amethyst - A bright violet-white shimmer that pops
  • Celeste - Jewel tones of soft pink and soft blue
  • Mediterranean - A solid aqua-mermaid shimmer

“The Premium Pretties Kit takes shimmer and shine to a whole new level with a spectrum of pigments to make your designs stand out from the crowd,” explain the brand. “Watch as light dances off every set and enjoy seven new pigments that will dazzle your clients with their eye-catching beauty.”

The Premium Pretties collection is available from Sweet Squared. Contact 0333 000 7000 for more details or visit