NEW LAUNCH: Genatique Dispenser Units and Hand Sanitiser

To help salons and spas better protect their clients and staff during these challenging times, Genatique have launched its new range of sanitiser solutions.
As businesses begin to reopen and adapt to the ‘new normal', the company have introduced its unique branded Sanitiser Dispenser Units and own-branded Hand Sanitiser. These items can be located at key entry and pay points inside or outside your premises.

With options to suit any environment, Genatique are now offering manual hand pump units and contactless foot pedal operated units, as well as automatic units. All of these are compatible with the Genatique Hand Sanitiser which is available in 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre sizes. This EN14476 approved alcohol based-gel will help keep hands clean to make staying sanitised easy, simple and accessible.

Providing innovative solutions for a variety of health care issues, from hair loss to skincare, Genatique have also designed and produced POS display stands and various retail solutions for a wide variety of clients across the UK.

As the global crisis of COVID-19 grew, the company decided to utilise over 10 years of industry experience, research and skills in order to produce the new range of Sanitiser Dispenser Stands and Hand Sanitiser.

“When news broke of the COVID-19 outbreak our first thought came out of distress of what will happen to our business, but then others too? A few weeks before lockdown, we set about looking at how we can help salons, spas, hotels and food retailers achieve a better solution for protecting the client, as well as protecting staff,” say the brand. “We worked hard towards the end of February to get a solution that worked with the shortage of supply, and the V1 and V2 SaniStations were born. With Genatique, we hope to tackle this pandemic and keep you and your business safe.”

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