NEW LAUNCH: Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Clear Biome

Advanced Nutrition Programme™ has expanded its range with the addition of its Skin Clear Biome™.

This new, next generation supplement with innovative, patent-pending biome technology is one of the first to be developed to target problem, compromised and stressed skin, whilst supporting gut health.

Working from the inside out, the unique formula combines an expertly curated edit of four specific strains of beneficial bacteria (S-Boulardii, B-Bifidum, L-Helveticus, L-Paracasei) with zinc, known for its positive effects on the skin and its protection from oxidative stress.

Head of Nutrition, Lorraine Perretta, explains the research behind Skin Clear Biome™: “The success of Skin Youth Biome™ inspired the team to create a new formulation to support skin health for those suffering with problem skin. This is one of the most common skin complaints and can have a major psychological impact on sufferers."

“During the development of Skin Clear Biome™, we analysed strains of bacteria that appeared to be playing a role not only in digestive health but also stress, immunity and blemish-prone skin," Lorraine continues. "Additionally, for the first time we have added zinc to this unique mix to further augment its impact on skin. It is very heartening for me and the team to see the role Skin Clear Biome™ can play in improving lives through enhancing skin health and confidence.”

For more information, contact the Advanced Nutrition Programme on 020 8450 2020 or visit