NAILS: Rainbow Glitter Step by Step

Fashion and celebrity manicurist, Marie-Louise Coster, shows you how to add some colour into your nail creations with this shimmering rainbow design…

Step One

Apply Artistic Colour Gloss Bonding Gel Base Coat and cure.

Step Two

Next, apply a thick stripe of four or five colours of your choice, all of the same tone, going from lightest to darkest. For this look, I used Artistic Colour Gloss in You Grow Girl, Iris You Were Mine, The Pink In Her Cheeks and Peek A Bloom.

Using an ombre brush, blend the colours into each other stage by stage. Make sure to clean your brush in between, so you get a graduating colour. Cure.

Step Three

Repeat application of all colours, in exactly the same way and order, in stripes and blend. Cure

Step Four

Use a sponge tip and Artistic Colour Gloss in Bride (a white gel polish) to create clouds in your sky. Cure.

Step Five

Repeat the above for second time to accentuate the colour and depth of clouds, if required. Cure.

Step Six

With a thin layer of Artistic Colour Gloss in Bride, mark where your rainbow will go and cure. By using a white base to your rainbow, you will achieve the true colour of the gel polishes you use over the top and they will pop.

Step Seven

Chose five colours to create your rainbow and paint a thin stripe of each. I used Artistic Colour Gloss in Picas-So Pink, Wild, Caviar for Breakfast, Graceful and Stage Dive (from left to right). Cure.

Step Eight

Repeat the above step for second time to add colour depth, if required. Cure.

Step Nine

If you want an extra touch of sparkle, you could opt to add some glitter to the sky at this stage. I used Everest Super Holographic Glitter from the Lecente range.

Step Ten

Apply Artistic Colour Glossing Gel to seal. Cure. Finally, remove the inhibition layer.

Marie-Louise Coster is currently partnering with Louella Belle to provide a series of online nail art classes. Find out more about the upcoming sessions here.