NAILS: Marble Step by Step

Fashion and celebrity manicurist, Marie-Louise Coster, shows you how to recreate her marble nail design in just seven simple steps…

Step One

Prep the nail with base coat and cure.

Step Two

Apply one coat of Artistic Colour Gloss Picas-So Pink and cure.

Step Three

Next, apply dots of Artistic Colour Gloss Wild over the nail.

Step Four

Using Artistic Colour Gloss Picas-So Pink, add dots of this into the previous dots of Artistic Colour Gloss Wild.

Step Five

With a thin brush (I used Lecente D3 or any 00), swirl the two colours together to make a marble effect. Do this all over the entire nail and then cure.

Step Six

Using Lecente Lime Nail Foil, take this and apply it sporadically to your design into the tacky layer. You can use as much or as little as you want.

Step Seven

Finally, apply Artistic Nail Design Glossing Gel and cure, before removing the inhibition layer.