NAILS: Halloween Pumpkin Step by Step

With Halloween fast approaching, Salon System nail expert Jaz Moger has designed this seasonal style for clients getting into the spooky spirit this year.

Find out how to create the look with this step-by-step using the GELLUX range...

Step 1

Prepare the nails. File to shape, push back cuticles and buff nail plate. Cleanse nails with GELLUX Prep & Wipe and apply GELLUX Fast Bond. 

Step 2

Apply one coat of GELLUX Cover Pink Base Coat, then cure. 

Step 3

Apply two coats of GELLUX Independence, curing in between each coat. 

Step 4

Mix together a small amount of GELLUX Orange-A-Peel and Peach Perfect to achieve the ideal pumpkin shade. Create a 'squashed heart shape' at the bottom of the nail and cure. 

Step 5

Using a fine liner brush, paint the outlines of the pumpkin with GELLUX Rocking It, then cure. 

Step 6

Still using GELLUX Rocking It, paint on the pumpkin stalk and add a small amount of GELLUX Diamonds & Pearls over the pumpkin to add a touch of sparkle, then cure. 

Step 7

Finish with GELLUX Super Shiny Top Coat and cure. Wipe with GELLUX Prep & Wipe.

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