Most popular hair and beauty salon names discovered

A recent survey has identified the country's most popular hair and beauty salon names.

Conducted by Esme Loans, the company analysed a list of 27,323 registered hairdressing and beauty businesses in the UK, and found that “The Beauty Box” was the most prevalent name, with 134 locations using it.

In the north east and west of England, 52 businesses are currently adopting the title as their business moniker, whilst Birmingham and close surrounding areas were also shown to be fans of the name with 33 businesses choosing to use it. In Greater London, businesses using the name totalled 37.

In second place was Hollywood Nails with 102 businesses using the name, which was followed by 96 different places called Cutting Edge, 77 different House of Hairs and 48 different Mirror Mirrors.

The research was conducted following news that the UK's hair and beauty industry has continuously grown year on year. According to reports, consumer spending on hairdressing salons and personal grooming establishments is said to have reached £7.9billion in 2018.

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