Mavala international trainer celebrates 50 years with the brand

Mavala's international trainer, Jenny Wiles, is celebrating her 50th year with the company.

Upon joining the UK team in 1972, Jenny was tasked by Mavala's Swiss head office to run its beauty training school and host promotional nail clinics around the country. Through her current role as the brand's international trainer, Jenny continues to impart her extensive knowledge regarding nail and skin care.

Aside from celebrating her career milestone in 2022, Jenny will travel to Slovenia, Croatia, and Bulgaria in the coming months to meet with Mavala distributors, as well as take part in press events and pop-up stores. She is also in the final stages of testing new shades and formulas of foundation, in addition to overseeing training for store consultants.

Commenting on her anniversary, Jenny said: “At one time, beauty was regarded as superficial and fluffy, but now it's taken much more seriously – it is now so much more scientific and technical. What I know now compared to 50 years ago is incredible!

“I think my best piece of advice is to focus on the client in front of you – give all of your attention to them, as everything should be for their benefit. Try and be the best representative that you can of your brand.”