Heaven Skincare opens its new training academy

Heaven Skincare has opened a new training academy at its headquarters in Telford.
As one of the leading brands in the beauty business, Heaven Skincare offers a variety of effective skincare products and treatments. From the famous Bee Venom Masks to the new Collage Drops, founder Deborah Mitchell has spent more than a quarter of a century looking after her clients' skin – including some very famous faces.

Deborah has now launched a new training academy where therapists can learn Heaven treatments from in-house experts and discover her tricks of the trade. “My clients want great results fast, and that's exactly what my trademarked treatments do,” she explains. “And because I use a range of unique hands-on techniques that I have developed myself, they're an experience like no other.”

The state-of-the-art Heaven training room teaches a range top to toe procedures, including the famous Bee Sting Facial, which targets fine lines and leaves your client in a wonderfully relaxed state, and the Collagen Bee Sting Facial, which features the brand's award-winning Collagen Drops.

In addition, courses in the Bee Slim Massage, vegan-friendly Nettle Venom Facial, and aesthetics such as fillers, enhancements, and Botox are available.

For more details about the training, email sales@heavenskincare.com or call Lisa on 01952 462505.