Fundraising continues for Healing Hands Network's Ambulances for Ukraine Project

Following activities for fundraising during the Holistic Health Show 2022, the Healing Hands Network was able to contribute vital funds to its project Ambulances for Ukraine.
The money raised at the event was put towards purchasing a Land Rover and an ambulance needed for front-line use in the country. The vehicles have been serviced, made roadworthy, and are loaded with urgently needed medical and surgical items as well as humanitarian donations. 

This was all made possible thanks to generous financial contributions from Gary Hackett, who gave the charity a stand at Holistic Health, and Kush Kumar, through the ThinkTree Hub's CPD Seminar Programme.

Furthermore, the Healing Hands Network has received funds from other sources such as the British Fascia Symposium, and Brittany Spence who donated profits from the now closed Association of Physical Therapists, as well as various local churches and Masonic groups.

The charity has also linked with Ambulance Aid and Franklin and Hawkins Funeral Directors Coventry. Both organisations have assisted them with fundraising and other support, as they have been across to Ukraine previously.

Current fundraiser

The charity has now established fundraising pages to complete the next phase of the project, which entails getting these vehicles to Ukraine where they are urgently required.

New donations will be used for transporting them over the Channel, insurance, fuel, and breakdown coverage.

The ambulance will go with two others, one of which is a donated ambulance that was used on BBC TV's Holby City, with each heading to a specialised hospital. As for the other vehicles and SUVs, they will travel to field hospitals on the front lines.

Along with participating in TV and radio coverage, the charity will also be recording its efforts through photos and blogs. These will all be made public once they are back in the UK to uphold safety and security. 

Healing Hands Network director Sue Stretton will be driving one of the ambulances with a team. Regarding the fundraising drive, she says: "Every £1 counts, so please if you can donate anything to help us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the people in Ukraine who are struggling and in need of help."