Fresha launches six new automated text options

Booking platform Fresha has introduced six new automated text notifications to help hair, beauty, barbering, and wellness businesses improve their client communication.
The introduction comes as a result of the brand listening to and responding to feedback from its partners regarding the software tools and capabilities they need to manage their businesses even more effectively. By ensuring that clients receive the most recent information about their appointments, Fresha created the features to help avoid no-shows and late cancellations while also protecting salons from potential loss.

In addition to its existing appointment reminder text message, there are six new text notifications now available to Fresha partners: 

Appointment confirmation 
Send clients an appointment confirmation once they've made a booking online or in-store. This important step lets clients know all the important details about the appointment they've just made, such as the date, time, and address.

Appointment reminders
Enabling reminders for upcoming appointments ensures clients remember their appointment, which also helps to reduce no-shows and cancellations! Salons simply decide what time the reminder goes out, whether it's one or two hours or one or two days before. 

Rescheduled appointments
If an appointment needs to be rescheduled, partners can send an automated text message to confirm this. Salons will also be able to include any updated information regarding their appointment. 

Cancelled appointments
Appointment cancellations are less than ideal, but they do happen. Whether the salon or the client needs to cancel their appointment, a text message can now be sent to confirm the cancellation. If the client cancels, they will also receive information about any late cancellation fees that may apply. 

What's worse than a cancellation? A no-show. If a client misses an appointment, businesses can now automate a text message to let them know, along with information about the fees they've incurred for not arriving at their appointment.

Say thank you! 
As well as helping partners to manage issues, Fresha's improved text message feature gives salons the option to send a ‘Thank you for visiting' message once the client has completed their treatment and checked out. At this stage, they'll be prompted to rate and review the salon, and they'll be given the option to leave a tip. If they do add a tip, businesses can also set up an automated text to thank them for that too.

For more information about this new feature announcement, read the brands's latest blog here    

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