Eve Taylor launches new environmental campaign

Aromatherapy skincare company Eve Taylor is celebrating the launch of its new environmental campaign, Give Back to Nature.

The company has committed to planting a minimum of 100,000 trees each year, pledging to plant one tree per Eve Taylor retail product sold, as part of a partnership with nonprofit organisation Trees for the Future.

Nature is at the heart of Eve Taylor's business in the form of essential oils derived from plants, with the company recognising that protecting the environment is vital to ensure future generations can enjoy the world and plants within it.

Planting new trees regenerates the land, supports the eco-system of wildlife and insects and combats climate change by offsetting carbon emissions.

Company founder and chairman, Eve Taylor O.B.E., said, “We are delighted to be launching this new initiative to the industry. With environmental concerns being more important than ever, we are taking steps to be responsible to our world and give back to nature”.