‘Bad skin days’ are confidence-crushing, say half of UK men

More than half of UK men say their self-confidence would be knocked if they woke up to a ‘bad skin day, according to new research which looks at skincare concerns and how they make us feel.

A survey of 1,000 British men by beauty brand Clarins reveals how, for 51%, a ‘bad skin day' would have a negative impact on their day; affecting not only their self-confidence, but their happiness and social confidence too.

On the flip side, when asked about the impact of a ‘good skin day' - whatever that meant to them - 53% said they'd feel even more confident and happy. For 29% of men, clear skin would also improve their confidence at work.

In a bid to banish ‘bad skin', more than half also admitted to secretly using their partner's skincare products, with one in ten (14%) helping themselves on a daily basis.

For those that have a skincare routine and buy their own products, almost 50% said that the amount of time and money they spend on their skincare has increased over the past five years. Four in five men (82%) say they spend up to £50 a month on ‘lotions and potions' to target their problem areas.

The survey also reveals how nine out of ten of us have at least one skincare bugbear. The average person has at least two skincare woes, with those reporting dry skin (41%) to be of primary concern also more likely to be worried about dark under-eye circles (35%) and ageing/fine lines (26%).

Marie Schmid, head of training at Clarins, comments: “The pandemic certainly has a part to play when it comes to how we feel in our own skin. Over the last year, we've seen a rise in people buying skincare products - in particular moisturiser - in order to combat dry skin; a side effect of staying indoors more often. A combination of poor sleep, heightened levels of anxiety and wearing a mask on a regular basis has also contributed, for many, to worries of acne, acne scarring and premature ageing.

“We know from the research that ‘bad skin' has a knock-on effect on almost every aspect of our life and can certainly impact how we feel about ourselves when interacting with others, whether in a social situation, or in a professional environment.

“Alongside skincare, studies indicate that makeup is a huge self-esteem booster. In our study, almost half of men (47%) said they use makeup products on a regular basis, most likely one or more of the following: foundation, concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil and/or primer."

When asked about their day-to-day skincare routine, men say they spend an average of ten to 30 minutes applying products to help combat their skincare concerns. Aside from good old soap and water, the most commonly used products among men are moisturiser, cleanser, eye cream and spot treatment.

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