BLOG: Five ways to ensure your colour services appeal to everyone

Safy Burton, hair artist, colourist, and salon owner, shares her expert tips.

Colour services are now a huge part of every salon's day-to-day business. Recent research shows that over 85% of clients now undertake some form of colour service when they visit their local salon – an amazing fact and this is only growing.
With this in mind, many of us have our areas of passion when it comes to colour – whether it be balayage and beautiful blondes, brights and vivids or fashion-focused colour. However, whatever the niche or your favourite trend, it's not just the one thing we do as colourists, and every day different techniques and looks are created.

But how do we ensure our colour services appeal to everyone? Here are my top tips:

Consider everyone
With clients of all ages and genders opting for colour, make sure you are considering everyone when it comes to colour. Don't target a specific market or group, open your services to everyone where possible. Although you may have a niche, consider the other colour services that are popular within your local area and market, and consider offering these too.

Provide colour options
In the colour world, the options are endless. There are a variety of techniques and services which will allow you to offer your skills to your clients and the wider market. From full block colour applications to subtle highlights, gents to glossing treatments, provide different colour options to cover your wider clientele. Make sure you define each service and that a full explanation of each is available.

Showcase your variety of work
Sharing your work highlights the incredible hair you produce. Therefore it is vital that you share a variety of the transformations you create to show that you provide different looks and creations. Although you may have a niche, showcase all your work so that you connect with clients who may opt for another colour service or something a little different.

Create an informative service list
Your service list should be informative and detailed, to allow clients to understand the services on offer and what each service fully entails. Make sure your service list details all the colour services that you offer along with prices to give them all the information they will need when looking to embrace colour.

Market correctly
When it comes to marketing your colour services and offerings make sure you do this correctly. With services that are open to everyone, it is important that you reach this market when advertising or sharing your information. Wherever you decide to market, ensure that it covers a wide audience and that it applies to your end goal

Safy Burton is the owner of Safy B Salon in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Vist or follow on Instagram here.