3D-lipo Ltd introduces Business Stimulation Initiative

Aesthetics equipment brand 3D-lipo Ltd has launched its new Business Stimulation Initiative.

The enterprise has been specifically created to help stimulate businesses during these challenging times as salons and clinics begin to reopen across the country.

3D-lipo Ltd is currently offering 40% off all its advanced technology systems, enabling businesses to introduce a diverse range of new treatments to drive clients through the doors.

“This initiative is designed to stimulate a strong level of business, at the most affordable price,” say the brand. “You can earn £1,000s in revenue, whilst paying just £50 per month* and benefit from a huge one-off 40% off the purchase price across all our equipment packages. This provides an affordable, risk-free investment, allowing you to kick-start your return to business.”

For a limited time only, the brand is providing free 30-minute consultations with industry marketing expert, Kris Trinity, to help businesses further promote their new offerings. The advice will focus on: “How to double your appointments and profits in 30 days with Facebook Ads”.

Over the past three years, Kris has helped various 3D clinics across the UK increase their sales for a range of devices, including the 3D-Ultimate, 3D-Hydro2 and 3D-Trilogyice.

Exclusive online masterclass

As part of the Business Stimulation Initiative, the company are also sharing exclusive access to a one-hour masterclass with the founder and director of 3D-lipo Ltd, Roy Cowley, as he discusses his blueprint for success in the aesthetics industry post-lockdown.

“The effect of COVID-19 has resulted in businesses facing an extremely tough time over the past few months,” comments the brand. “Clinics have been forced to closed without notice, and now face the challenge of reopening with new responsibilities for the safety of their staff and their clients, whilst having to work extra hard to re-build their business and generate much needed revenue.”

“Roy is well-versed in the challenges that recessions pose, having opened a business in one, and previously losing a business in another, fighting his way back to the top again,” they add. “The challenges of which, and those that lie ahead, however are not to be underestimated during these unprecedented times.”

During the masterclass, Roy and Kris, who is the founder of the Aesthetics Marketing Institute, talk new initiatives and offer advice to help support clinics through these tough times.

In addition, Roy discusses in detail how to “Prepare, Protect and Educate (PPE)” your clinical customers and why leading with education should be your number one strategy to re-engage your existing clients, as well as strategically acquire new ones. Plus, he covers why implementing a “Blue Ocean” business plan will help you to build a unique business in the super-competitive aesthetics marketplace.

The masterclass also focuses on:

  • Why now is the time to fight for the future of your business
  • How to wisely manage and invest your business capital
  • Why the phrase “Cash is King” is so important
  • How to market your services with empathy
  • Which devices will deliver the best return on investment
  • How to choose which aesthetics manufacturer you do business with
  • The future of medical and device training
  • Plus, much more

Click below to watch the masterclass with Roy and Kris...

For more information about the Business Stimulation Initiative, email phoebe@3d-aesthetics.co.uk

*Terms and conditions apply

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