Yorkshire spa unveils new staff wellbeing area

A Yorkshire spa has launched its wellness-inspired staff room as part of its ongoing dedication to workplace wellbeing.

Titanic Spa, which serves as the UK's first eco-spa, developed the new staff area to ensure team members are experiencing the work-life balance and wellness-inspired lifestyle that they advocate to guests.

Complete with a breakfast bar and seating areas, the room has been designed with staff satisfaction and comfort in mind, offering easily accessible phone charging ports, snack/coffee machines and Bluetooth speakers to help staff unwind during their off-time. 
“Ever since Titanic Spa launched, it has been our quest to run a sustainable business that really cares for the wellbeing of the planet, guests and our team,” explains Warrick Burton, managing director. “Having a happy team is crucial to running a business, and making simple steps to improve the lives of team members is what we are focused on.”